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Dark shades to perfection

Every skin tone deserves to be flattered. Identifying what best suits you is integral to your overall attractiveness. You need to understand that this is very important when you pick up your cart to shop. I understand that sometimes we like to pick certain colors as regards our mood or the event, but it is strongly advised that regardless of the mood or event as the case may be, what should come topmost on your check list should be what flatters you the most. Girlfriend, you need to come to the table with your A-game. The pursuit is worth it.

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Our African passion
Passion is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion, such as love and hate. It is an intense emotion. Passion is what drives us, it motivates us and empowers us. I have recently taken it upon myself to understand the African apparel...

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Our new year resolution
Okay so new year resolutions are cliche, yesterday and maybe we should not do it but heck its a good title and it allows us showcase our commitment to you in the new year. This is our promise to all our customers:...

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