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Reinventing StyleStationNG

If you have been following us on Instagram and on this Webpage you will notice a lot of changes. First off, there is less focus on price and more focus on delivering quality people would love to buy and love even more to wear. You will also notice that the pictures on our pages have gotten a whole lot better, did you notice, if you didn`t have a look at our site. Visually its the same setup but we have chosen to invest in better photography. We know and understand that our clients want to see what the clothes really look like.

Now don't get me wrong, we have not doubled or tripled all our prices, we are still very cost effective but we will not compromise quality to give a low priced product.

A big shift we are making though is our complete and total focus on serving our female customers. Going forward we will no longer carry clothing items for our male counterparts, no hate guys but we need to focus. Focus on create master pieces that speak to the beauty of the African woman and women in general.

so have a look and happy shopping!

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