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The creative force behind Stylestation

Its Monday morning and the factory is stirring, the generator is giving off its usual hum, its almost like a low chime behind our ears, we hear it everyday, we have grown used to it. This is the reality of production in Nigeria, the generator is your saviour from the power holding company that only holds power.Β 

We are sitting over coffee discussing our new collection, a mixture of Nude, flowery fabric and powerful colors. The team is made up of tailors, designers, pattern drafters and business managers, everyone is excited about our new collection. We are at the edge of our seats, it is our maiden collection and the first test of this team. Will customers love it, will they see the passion behind it and the hours we spent making it look great?? Or will they think it drab and move on.

Stylestation is about affordable high street fashion. We want africans to have great looking high quality clothes that they don`t need to pay huge fees for. It is a dream of three minds who sat one night outside of Ikeja city mall and decided to make quality good fitting clothes available and affordable.

Our first week of operations was a nightmare, we didn`t get the right courier partners and deliveries were all late, customers were blasting us left right and centre. After 3 weeks we finally got everything working.

Partners and customers alike encouraged us, this dream would not die, this brand will grow, the future can only be bright. We will deliver quality clothes at amazingly low prices that continuously go down and not up.

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2 thoughts on β€œThe creative force behind Stylestation”

  1. avatar Nkemdilim Adaba says:

    I need to inform you that i had a not so good experience 2 weeks ago when i ordered 2 clothes from stylestation. The red cape dress delivered to me had loosened button holes and problems with finishing in some parts of the dress. I complained via the instagram dm page while the person handling that page read and totally ignored me. I equally complained on whatsapp was told after being ignored they wld revert back and didnt i wont be purchasing ever again. Thank you. DYLYMEDGYMAMI (Instagram)

  2. avatar Kemfon says:


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